Software with so many unique features

ratescalc is so unique, there is nothing similar available.  This software can change the way your business operates. See all the full suite of features.

Saves Time & Money

With automation of many processes there are great savings to be made in just that alone. Then when you add compliance the costs of not having are huge to a business.


One of the most important features of is that once it is installed it keeps your pay rates accurate to the relevant award, making sure you're compliant.


You set and pre determine margins and margin limits, ensuring that your staff keep to a margin that you have pre set, no more double handling.

Signed Documentation

Using our integrated Secured Signing partner, you can send documents and have them signed quickly and effortlessly within the system.

Quick Quotes

Don't let the competition get there before you, lets you prepare and sent quotes in just a few clicks. Keeping you one step ahead.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

No problems, we can enter into our platform your unique agreements and terms. Keeping all documentation accurate.


We can simply bolt on or plug into your existing system and work seamlessly in with the software you are currently using.


Protection for your business, ensuring that you are compliant will ensure that your business is a great employer and never suffers any reputation damage for wage theft or wrong pay rates.

Removes Double Handling

Our system features can be set globally so that you can automate manual processes and ensure that human errors are minimised.

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Get compliant the easy way

Forget those spreadsheets manually calculated and double checked, forget the worry that penalties and allowances have been correctly factored. Our unique, one of a kind software does the hard work for you. What are you waiting for?