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So what is ratescalc?

ratescalc is a unique and powerful software platform that is essential for any recruitment or labour hire or group training company that wants to automate their workflow and ensure legal compliance, rate accuracy and efficiency.  For any business that wants to ensure they are paying staff correctly or supplying labour hire materials professionally, ratescalc protects both your operating profit and your industry reputation. 

We are proudly owned and operated in Australia. 

Sound good? We think so.

Save Time & Money

ratescalc allows you to set minimum margins for quoting rates and other common business functions. No need to double handle or double check more spreadsheets.

Work Your Way

We work with your existing systems & software platform. ratescalc can be implemented in the background to augment your current systems & workflow


Using ratescalc ensures your business is protected and your employees are paid correctly.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are fully compliant 100% of the time.

Employment Contracts

Our system lets you set the awards, rates and create perfect employment contracts each and every time in a few short clicks. With copies for the client and candidate.

Digitally Sign Documents

We have partnered with Secured Signing so documents can be signed digitally and returned to you quickly. 100% automatically managed – and no more hardcopies, scanning or faxing!

Real Time Award Updates

ratescalc ensures every rate & oncost calculation is accurate, every time. Any Award changes in June, auto-update into your system and you can report previous rates that are no longer compliant.


Set & Forget Software

Making sure your business is protected by ensuring is constantly updated in line with the Modern Awards framework and any other federal, state or regional legislation. Anytime they are modified or updated our system reflects those changes through automatic seamless notifications. You can be confident that the pay rates are accurate and your reputation as a great employer stays intact.


Our service is like nothing else

Our customer service will amaze you, it is our primary focus. Our customer success team is based in Australia and support is available 7am-7pm AEST Monday to Friday with an after hours service available. Our team know our software inside out so help is always available, we pride our self on our attentive, personal and knowledgable support.


We support you with training

We are better together. We support and train all users of our software and we show you ways to get the most from it. With regular webinars, video training and updates you always feel in control. We stand by our software and will show you many ways to save time and money. Our training is personal and engaging you won’t be alone on this journey


We integrate into your software

No need to switch between screens, our software works with your existing database and connect to your payroll and finance software applications. Our software is nimble and flexible and can be tailored to suit your current system or a stand alone app.  We work the way you want to. 

Who We Work With

Australian Made Technology

We are very proud of our Australian Made status. We are one of the few Australian software platforms and we are the only application to be able to handle awards, pay rates, margins, employment contracts, increases and quotes all in one platform. 


What Our Clients Say

Investigate for your business. The cost effectiveness of this tool cannot be underestimated. The cost savings that you gain will benefit you in ways your unaware of.
Hayley French
RPR Trades
The yearly subscription for has already paid for itself in the first month of use, thanks to the speed and accuracy of the application and our clients love it!
As an organisation we see as a key partner for our success for the future and a product that will provide us with a distinct market edge whilst providing peace of mind.
Tom Reardon
CEO People Infrastructure

What Our Partners Say

ratescalc is an innovation that offers major support for the recruitment industry in getting their compliance knowledge right in a complex and changeable landscape.
Apsco Australia
Ratescalc offers a unique solution in the market as Jobscience (being a US based vendor) has been able to leverage Ratescalc to solve a specific region problem that would've otherwise been a big product investment and ongoing maintenance.
Simon Bishop
Job Science
The compliance landscape around rates and pay moves so quickly, that it's great to have this key data at your fingertips, in such a critical area. This is the sort of tech tool that really adds value.
Andrew Hall
HR Tech Market

Want to see exactly what the application can do for you?

We’re confident that when you see the capabilities of ratescalc up close you will be amazed at how much time it will save you and the protection it will offer your business