The Market

What is the market problem?

For any industry supplying labour whether it be on a contingent basis or fixed term contract or statement of work, the evolution of outsourcing models including productivity based pricing is constantly evolving. Meeting the talent demands and resourcing human capital is a major challenge for most businesses. Once you have this mastered and positioned your business to be able to provide a nimble agile service the critical issue is being able to price your business competitively whilst removing the administrative burdens that affects your cost of delivery. The technology bubble which is now driving all business process will continue to drive our behaviours and™ has been designed to remove a number of problems that multiple industries suffer from today!

Many markets globally have variable industrial and legislative challenges that of course are constantly changing and evolving.

Compounding this is the rise of the “Gig” economy where technology and individual and corporation behaviour is also changing. The way we engage within the workplace is almost a revolution !

For recruitment agencies and sales organisations, some have a blended approach of skill sets with their teams, either as 360° consultants or with a mix of Resourcers, Recruiters and Business Development Managers. Some of your team are awesome at sales but do they have the skill and knowledge to accurately price business, or do they rely on your payroll team to help them build quotations based on a specific award, enterprise agreement or market rate?

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For contractors and suppliers of “Staff and Materials” solutions, the most difficult part of the process is getting the labour component right !™ has been designed to help your business accurately assess all of the information required to build pricing quotations quickly without the need to burden other members of your team. To think that as managers and business owners, you will have the peace of mind that your teams can quote rates and produce quotations quickly from a reliable source 24/7, 365 days a year!

What is Utopia in the contingent workforce supply chain?

  • Fast quick accurate quotations to your potential clients
  • The ability for all of your team to quote accurately
  • Contractors, temporary workers, full time or fixed term employees are paid correctly every time! (subject to accurate timesheet interpretation)
  • Clients are invoiced accurately (subject to accurate timesheet interpretation)
  • Invoices are paid quicker due to the limitation of human error intervention
  • Reduction in legal/litigation fees in recovery of unpaid monies to your company

Tackling the issues that all businesses experience to support clients with “Contingent” workforce services, we have designed this web service application that will give your Sales team another 20-30% in the tank through process enhancement and productivity outcomes.

Quote by Col Levander, Managing Director, Rec Tech Solutions

The biggest issue that I have seen over the years working in sales in this industry is the fact that most people who work in a sales capacity, do not have the skill set capability to safely and accurately interpret awards and agreements” As we well know the “Devil is always in the detail” and many sales professionals simply miss components that ultimately have the knock on effect of payroll errors = unhappy temps and contractors, frustrated payroll teams and clients that are agitated by the very fact that the buyer or end user receives unnecessary internal pressure because invoices are incorrect. This ultimately leads to a messy situation for everyone. As a younger recruitment business owner in the past, I have written off unimaginable and unnecessary amounts of money due to these issues, or have wasted countless hours in cross checking invoices to time sheets to job orders in the Recruitment systems we were using at the time. I never put a cost to it to be honest but it has been huge over the years! As an operational manager, constant review of margin exception reports and identifying margin leakage used to literally drive me crazy! Chasing debtors to meet my DSO targets which ultimately affected my team and my bonuses was also the knock on effect of poor pricing compliance. Having a single resource to accurately quote your business is an industry first and one that will clearly add great value! To think that the majority of Recruitment Management systems in the market just simply cannot quote accurately emphasizes the business need for this service. In defence of the software vendor, It is near impossible for them to stay abreast of this constantly moving target, as dynamic as our industry is, vendors are focussed on other feature enhancements within their platforms. This is another world that we work in and it takes a unique blend of skills to understand it and meet regulatory compliance requirements. currently supports clients in Australia and New Zealand

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