FULLY MOBILE ENABLED has been designed with mobility in mind! The software is available to anyone anywhere with a reliable internet connection.


We understand security and the importance of protecting our clients data. is a fully web based application and is hosted in Australia. See our Data Security Policy on this site for more details

Accuracy Guaranteed is 100 % accurate with its business logic, formulas and widgets that manage data from various sources. We have a rigorous testing regime and deploy through the Octopus deployment framework

Environmentally Friendly

We have designed with the environment in mind. Digitisation of workflows from start to finish and stored in the cloud! No more paper for your team and downstream clients.

User Friendly has been designed with the end user in mind. Simple easy to follow workflows throughout the software that provides efficiencies without errors.

We Love what we do!

We have a passion for numbers and accuracy- it’s an obsession of ours that we don’t mind admitting.

Engage differently

No more spreadsheets or paper! helps you provide quick accurate and timely quotations without leaving your prospective clients side- it’s a unique way of doing business, enables your team to have comfort and confidence in what they do and how they do it.

Multinational has been designed to support many countries contingent staffing and Gig economies.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy that we have built a tool to protect businesses when quoting labour and materials with 100% accuracy (Disclaimer: subject to human error). Controls and measures have been designed within the application for multiple hierarchies providing all the controls you need.


  • SaaS based pricing models
  • Enterprise, Individual or customised design solutions available
  • Platform flexibility at the core of its design
  • Available and accessible 365 days per year
  • Secure data warehousing
  • Built from experience! 60+ years in fact !