5 Ways to Improve Your Businesses’ Speed to Market

We hear it every day, that sad same ol’ story: how a recruiter, apprenticeship centre, group training organisation or on-hire business has been beaten by a competitor because they weren’t…
We hear it every day, that sad same ol’ story: how a recruiter, apprenticeship centre, group training organisation or on-hire business has been beaten by a competitor because they weren’t able to get their quote or candidate out to market fast enough. We have put together some of our favourite tips to help you to get ahead of your competition.

We have found that around 99% of the Recruitment Industry in the staffing/ contingent and on-hire spaces are still using their trusted source of the truth- an excel spreadsheet. Normally, the spreadsheet has a series of formulas within it to help consultants to calculate rates properly whilst constructing a quotation for services. Consultants’ also rely on the spreadsheet to maintain the compliance around statutory burdens and costs, however there are many overhead costs that also need to be applied to your calculations. The usual method of visiting a client and gaining enough interest to provide a quote for supply still remains an onerous task for so many businesses. Yet we still keep repeating the same broken process!

Lets’ get into the details shall we..How long does it take your business to produce a quote/ win business and place a candidate? When was the last time you measured this?

My take on this would look something like this:

  1. Drive to a prospective clients premise
  2. Discuss the opportunity
  3. Drive back to the office
  4. Conduct web searches to obtain information such as the Australian Business Register, respective workers compensation authorities or your insurer, review Fair work pay guides and try and navigate yourself around these extremely complex and not so friendly depth of text pulling information in order to complete cells in your spreadsheet.
  5. You may in fact have to possibly engage with a contact at the prospect client to get more information
  6. SIGH!
  7. Build the rates/ create a quote in Microsoft Word and email the client and –
  8. wait for the call ?

Does this all sound too familiar?

Now clearly the travel time and time spent with the client can never be taken away from this process however my view is that this process could take as long as 2 hours to finally get a quotation to the client… then it is the waiting game to gain approval

It is a common term- If you keep doing the same thing- The definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same process and expect a different result. Which is the most over-used cliché of all time apparently!

So I encourage you to ask yourself the 5 Y’s – Why, why, why, why and why? Why are you doing what you do? and of course, how can you do things more efficiently?

Now, your FIVE action points to help you improve your speed to market:

  1. Enable your team with a comprehensive tool that is cloud based – access anytime and get your quotes and business signed off in front of your client
  2. Reduce quoting time by up to 1 hour for new prospective clients with accurate award and agreement interpretation at your finger tips! Nitro your team!!
  3. Keep your accounts department / back office team happy with signed terms and credit applications completed before supply of staff reducing risk and payment avoidance and less chasing for them cleaning up after your best sales people
  4. More quotes means more business  = More revenue and more growth
  5. Try Ratescalc.com today!

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What exactly is Ratescalc.com?

You don’t have to be a control freak anymore when it comes to rates calculations! Ratescalc.com has all of the structures within it to limit mistakes and interpretations. Yes I know it will be hard to let go of the baby you have nursed for so long but its time to let the baby walk – No Run in this case 😊



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