Integration Announcement – Ratescalc is now integrated into JobAdder

JobAdder’s recent decision to integrate™ is another example of their commitment to innovation for the recruitment industry. 

 JobAdder was formed in 2007 on the premise that “recruitment doesn’t have…

JobAdder’s recent decision to integrate™ is another example of their commitment to innovation for the recruitment industry.

 JobAdder was formed in 2007 on the premise that “recruitment doesn’t have to be so hard” and this statement definitely resonates with us at™ and underlines our shared commitment to support innovation within the recruitment industry.

JobAdder is relentless in their pursuit of technology to simplify recruitment so the decision to integrate with Ratescalc was a simple one. Australia arguably has one of the most complex industrial relations frameworks in the world and mistakes can be incredibly costly; ratescalc removes all the guesswork and ensures business owners can sleep peacefully, secure in the knowledge their business is paying its staff & contractors compliantly.

With 122 modern awards and many thousands of enterprise bargaining agreements (EBAs) to navigate, Ratescalc’s truly innovative product is a game changer for practitioners of contingent staffing in Australia. With deep domain expertise and built with the end user experience in mind, Ratescalc has removed all manual, error-prone processes for consultants and provides a seamless digital workflow, from enquiry through to quotation and placement.

Ratescalc further ensures all statutory provisions for non-award based PAYG candidates and contractors, such as superannuation, payroll tax and workers comp are applied accurately and appropriately.


Key features of™

As outlined above, JobAdder customers will benefit from Ratescalc in any number of ways:

  1. Ratescalc is fully integrated in JobAdder and available in the Partner Actions drop down
  1. Rates for Jobs and Quotes can be sent direct to the Customer for digital signing, or simply downloaded and emailed to the Client Contact. All Client and Contact records integrate into Ratescalc
  1. As Quotes are approved the Ratescalc widget displays all Rates, Charges, On-costs and Margin percentages within JobAdder
  1. Approved and signed Quotes are stored in the Client and Job document folder
  1. As soon as a position is filled Ratescalc fetches the Candidate data and populates it into Users’ customised employment notifications – including all Job Details and Rules. These notices can also be digitally signed by the Candidate and stored in the candidate Document Folder
  1. Ratescalc pulls all Award data direct from Fair Work Australia and alerts Users immediately upon changes to any aspect of an applicable Award
  1. Ratescalc also integrates with many popular Payroll and Finance systems, providing a seamless flow of data to your back office. Alternatively, users can customise their own CSV files and upload directly to the pay and bill system, or simply provide the file to your outsourced payroll provider
  1. Ratescalc ensures true margin is calculated correctly every time, thus ensuring net revenue is fully understood and profit is protected.


JobAdder and Ratescalc are extremely excited about this partnership and the opportunity it presents to enable significant efficiencies for existing and prospective JobAdder clients – to grow their business and save time and money! Talk to us today to find out how.


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